Using utui.atuomator regularly throws errors for recursive copying

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When using 

utui.automator.copyTag(id, true)

and then processing the clipboard in a destination profile, I always get the error 

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getLabels' of undefined

Is this a known bug when working with the automator? It seems it can't handle labels. Simply deleting the labels via 

delete utui.atuomator.clipboard.labels

allows us to skip the labels, but then results in reference errors to those labels for other building blocks. 

You can get it to run by overwritting the label references via 

utui.automator.getClipboard().forEach(_ => _.obj.labels = "")

before processing, but it's still a bug.

Side note: Using recursive copying with .copyTag(id,true) is not truly recursive as all references from connected extensions will not be taken into account.




Using utui.atuomator regularly throws errors for recursive copying

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These issues that you have run into are indeed known. There is an upcoming release that does revamp the utui.automator tool. A major focus was put onto the copy recursive functionality to make sure it works as expected, in the same profile, and then in a new profile.


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