Utag in a Magento Environment slowing Page Load

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Hi!  We shifted a site from another environment(Digitalriver) to a Magento one recently.  The utag is set up in this and tags are firing fine but the site has slowed down significantly.   When utag is switched off on the test site, page loads happen way faster.  The site slowdown is affecting user experience. 

Another site is there in Magento in the test environment alone and it is way slower than in the current Production site on Digitalriver.  Same tags on both versions.  That shows that Magento has a role in this.

Is there any Magento-Tealium interaction that is slowing pages?

Looking forward to any suggestions.  Thanks a lot!


Utag in a Magento Environment slowing Page Load

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Hi @sujani_koya , Instead of turning OFF The whole utag.js file turn of group(3/4) of tags at once and see if the site speed is same or it increases. And in the next iteration turn ON the tags which you turned OFF and select another 3/4 new tags and Turn them OFF. Repeat this steps untill you finish all of the tags. I suspect there might be an old template in one of the tag and which might be slowing down the site. If you are able to narrow it down to the tag then drop the tag tempalte for the specific one so it will update to the new version. Then you can turn on everything and see the performance. 


I would suggest this exercise because even if you don't find the tag which is slowing down it's help ful to flush iut the cache sometime tags have been turned ON for long time and no changes have been made to those tags they become unresponsive sometime. So, by doing this exercise all of your tags will have some activity and which can be help ful for the performance. 

Let me know hoe it goes.