Utag with QueryString Values

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The tags that fire on a particular page - say www.autozone.com, have the version number appended as query strings. The query strings are causing performance issues on the page (Query strings are not cached on the browser). 


For example: 



Can this be replaced with something like this:



Please let us know.


Utag with QueryString Values

Tealium Employee

Hi @sriram_venkatac,


You might want to raise a ticket with the support team if you beleive that you are seeing performance issues due to tags loading.


Having the querystring paramaeter on the tag request ensures that the latest version is provided to the user. Most of the time a user will reveice a 304 response from the CDN that tells the browser that the body of the request has not been modified and then use the cached version. From then on the files will be loaded from the borswers cache until the TTL in the header of the utag.js expires and checks for an update.


An option is to bundle your tags into the utag.js file to reduce the amount of requests being made on your site.