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Waittimer- Config Overrides for utag.js



I have a use case where I need to use the option "waittimer" and set it to 3s. Last item in the documentation found here :


As far as I understand it's a global option. My questions are :


1. What's the downside of using this option? - e.g. if the visitor leaves the webpage before 3s - my bounce rate will be incorrect? or it will slow down the load time of the page?


2. How can it be used with Adobe Target - does it mean the Target will load the page and then - reload the page (async) or slow down the page loading (Sync) mode?


3. I have played around with dom_complete = true -- but it doesn't seems to do anything different - I thought dom_complete will load "all" external assets file etc - maybe I am not using it right.


I am keen to understand the negetive aspect of overriding waittimer, I am in a legacy enviornment - so my utag_data doesn't get the time to get populated before utag fires - I have managed to halt utag using waittimer - but I want to understand the downside of it. 


Many thanks.


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