Where can I find a list of utag_cfg_ovrd possible flags?

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I was wondering if there's a reference to possible utag.js override flags (utag_cfg_ovrd), like utag_cfg_ovrd.noview, related to the latest version of utag.





Where can I find a list of utag_cfg_ovrd possible flags?

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Hi Alessandro,

So a basic list would be:

Override the cookie domain:

window.utag_cfg_ovrd = {domain: location.hostname};

To suppress the initial pageview generated by loading utag.js, commonly used on AJAX sites, default value is false:

window.utag_cfg_ovrd = {noview:true};

Wait timer: Tags will not load until the DOM Ready event occurs plus this value (in milliseconds):

var utag_cfg_ovrd={};
utag_cfg_ovrd.waittimer=3000; //time set in milliseconds where 3000 is the standard

Fires tags at document complete/loaded, rather than at DOM ready:

var utag_cfg_ovrd = {}; 
utag_cfg_ovrd.dom_complete = true; //DOM complete

Running Load Rules AFTER extensions:

(Note: Ensure the utag version is 4.26 or higher). Note that this is not normally used or a best practice, and not needed if the data layer is before utag.js):


window.utag_cfg_ovrd = window.utag_cfg_ovrd || {}; // Create 'utag_cfg_ovrd' object if not created
window.utag_cfg_ovrd.load_rules_at_wait = true // Set load rule to re-evaluate after 'all tags' scoped extensions

Legacy configurations to mimic pre 4.2x utag.js behavior:

lowerqp             => will lowercase querystring keys and values,
lowermeta          => will lowercase metadat keys and values,
load_rules_ajax  => will prevent new utag.x.js files from loading.

window.utag_cfg_ovrd = {
lowerqp : true, 
lowermeta : true,
load_rules_ajax : false 


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