Why is utag.sync.js empty?

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Bronze Contributor

I'm trying to load a custom extension synchronously.


When I go to my account, under the Tag Management tab, click on the tag that I want to load synchronously, toggle on the synchronous loading, toggle on utag.sync.js under save/publish and publish the extension; the file utag.sync.js is empty. 


Is there anything else that I should do in order to see the tag that I want to load synchronously within utag.sync.js?  


Why is utag.sync.js empty?

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Hi @_az


This synchronous option is for when the utag.js file is loaded synchronously on a page. It is legacy functionality now, as we always recommend async loading of the utag.js file.

More information on this option can be found here https://community.tealiumiq.com/t5/iQ-Tag-Management/Tag-Configuration-Advanced-Settings/ta-p/13600#....


This is, however, a good idea and it would be worth emailing it to ideas@tealium.com.



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