collect tags not firing

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Recently collect event tracking has stopped working on most of the pages on our site. After debugging we had found the below obervations.

while page load we are getting the below error:

trigger:called before tags loaded
Tag 101 did not LOAD

Tags are not firing when the above error is seen in console.

utag.101.js is loding with 200 status.

tag 101 is custom container tag.

GA tag (gtag.js) is loading before tag 101.




collect tags not firing

Tealium Employee

Hello @tealium23 !

Judging by your description, there is a syntax error in the custom template which is causing an issue with your other tags from running.

Have a look at the template and correct any syntax errors you can find - if you are unable to find anything, you can reach out to support (or drop me a message) who will be happy to help out!