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cookie policy and privacy manager extensions

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we have encountered some problems with the Privacy Manager Extension.


We need to manage the privacy consent programmatically via javascript, because the cookie law in Italy requires explicit consent.


When the user lands for the first time on one of our pages, we need to ask him to accept the policy (by doing an action like scrolling) through a top layer before any profiling cookie triggering. This is a different “popup” from the one that will be set in the cookie policy page which allows the user to choose what types of cookies keep active.


How we can modify the privacy settings in Tealium by code? There is an API for that?

What logic do you advice in cases like this?


We understood that the privacy settings are saved in a cookie named OPTOUTMULTI, but we want to avoid some reverse engineering on how is defined and manipulate it directly.





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Re: cookie policy and privacy manager extensions



There is no built in solution to what you want,  however you can put code in a javascript extension scoped to preloader and manuipulate the cookie.   The Privacy Manager Extension places code towards the top of utag.js file to read the cookie and then override load rules according to the 'OPTOUTMULTI' cookie's settings.  An extension scoped to preloader will run before this code.  You will have to do some 'reverse engineering' since the cookie values are dynamically created based on what settings you have in the PM extension.  You will need to keep in mind that *any* changes in the PM extension will change the cookie values and you will need to maintain the preloader extension accordingly.


Attached is an example code for you to review but this is only an example you will need to adapt to your own PM extension cookie settings and test yourself. I have some notes in the sample to help as well.   Let me know if you have any questions.