custom metric is undefined

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I've added a custom metric to my Google Universal tag. 

It should be send when there is a new transaction. Therefore, I've mapped it like this in the GA tag under the metrics category:


- Event type: transaction

- Metric: metric1


21-11-2017 13-44-08.png


When I debug it, the google debug info tells me the metric is undefined: 


Running command: ga("gaMain.ecommerce:addTransaction", {metric1: undefined, id: "1511265721905", affiliation: "", revenue: "337.50", shipping: "", tax: "", currency: ""})

When I take a look in the utag_data object, the commerce_product_fraction is properly defined and filled in with an array:


21-11-2017 13-31-37.png


Does anyone know what I've did wrong? 


Thanks for the help! 





custom metric is undefined

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What if you create a new Data Layer variable (type: javascript variable) and call it "commerce_product_fraction[0]". Than it should get the first string within the array, @koen_de_keersma. Now you're trying to put an array into the custom metric.

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custom metric is undefined

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HI @koen_de_keersma


What @AndreScholten suggests is correct, you are trying to assign an array to the mapping, which will not work.

Using a Set Data Values Extension as suggested is the best option.





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custom metric is undefined

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Thanks guys! Did the job indeed.