difference between utag.js and utag.19.js

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What is the difference between utag.js and utag.19.js.

For me both are being called when I view in networks tab in my web browser.


difference between utag.js and utag.19.js

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@Alka the utag.js is our primary JS library; it may contain tag code if tags are bundled into it. The utag.x.js refers to the individual tag template. The 'x' will correspond to the UID of the tag found in TiQ.


difference between utag.js and utag.19.js


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difference between utag.js and utag.19.js

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Hello Alka,

I presume the above answer which @davidcreason provides would be sufficient. Nevertheless, if you want more about the difference between utag.js & utag..x.js. Here is the reference,

utag.js works - Guide explains how utag.js and vendor library files are loaded in the page.


Mapped and UID (UID column displays the unique identifier for the tag. The UID determines the name of the tag configuration file served from the CDN. For example, tag with a UID of 1878 corresponds to the file utag.1878.js.)


Hope it helps! Happy Learning!!!