event serialization

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Hi everybody,

I'm trying event serialization with the automatic detection of event serialization within the AppMeasurment tag. I have managed to get event serialization with a static value but I'd like to get it with a dynamic value. 

First, I've mapped these variables in Tealium:


Then, I've included this variables in the utag.data (js)

var utag_data = {
"trigger": "fireEvt:123",
"event": ["loadComplete", "visualizarPrecios"]

With this implementation, I'm able to serialize the event and I see this in the dataslayer:


However, "123" is an static value and I would like to do the same with a dynamic value. 

Anyone could help me with this? How would I be able to map this in Tealium and insert this in the js?

Thank you very much for your help!

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event serialization

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Tealium Expert

 Hi @pgarri02pruebas

Have you tried using value events in the mapping toolbox?  


This will assign the value from the variable to the event.  You do lose the ability to trigger on a specific value using this, but it will fire if the variable is populated.

This populates the events string with something like this:


(example is from a different site to the IQ screenshot, hence the difference in event number)

event serialization

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Tealium Expert

Yes, we can do event serialization with dynamic values. Below are the steps which I would recommend –

  • Create a UDO/JS variable which will hold the dynamic value. Call it event_serial
  • Populate the serialization value, in my example I am using combination of UDO variables and timestampStep1.png
  • Create sc_events as a JS variable, I’m assuming you know we can trigger Sitecatalyst events bas passing the u.addEvent function based out of sc_events. If not check out this link
  • Concatenate respective event with serialization value, below is an example I have shown for event03Step2.png
  • After the above configuration you should see the event03 triggering with serialization. Below is an exampleStep3.png

Hope this helps and let me know if you need further help.


event serialization

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Just to add on to the excellent answers here...

The u.addEvent() approach is documented in the Adobe Analytics Tag Setup Guide.

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