facebook pixel event code

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Hi Team,

Could you please help in understanding steps for facebook pixel event code implementation.

Our requirement is to add pixel code on a specific button.


@kathleen_jo I went through this blog, however i could not find any solution for adding for standard events, could you please help me with this.

below code is provided for reference.

Facebook Pixel Event Code:
<script> fbq('track', ‘CompleteRegistration’,

{ content_name: ‘EWY_Register’ }





facebook pixel event code

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Hi @surabhi_sharma


Bind a click event to the button so that it fires a link track event.

On that link tracking event you can send an identifier like so:

"event_name" : "registration_completed"

With that in place you simple go into the Facebook tag and add the Facebook event "CompleteRegistration" to fire when "event_name" = "registration_completed".


Step 1:


Step 2:


If you notice, in my example the "EWY_Register" value is a static mapping, but if you need to add it dynamic just take the same approach.

Step 1: additionally add a new Mapped Variable from the bind event (link event)

Step2: on the TAG, instead of using a static value (like the provided example), map it from the variable sent in step 1


Hope this helps