_gat_tealium_0=1 cookie

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I need to review cookies used on our site and as we use Tealium - we get this cookie dropped:

_gat_tealium_0 it has a value of "1" - does anyone know what this is for?

It's some sort of flag from Tealium but I need to "explain" it in our cookie policy document so it has to be official, sensible and comprehensive at the same time - so not an easy task as it turns out... Any help greatly appreciated.


_gat_tealium_0=1 cookie

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Hi @kp !


It looks like this cookie will be coming from a Google Analyitcs tag you have setup in the profile.



Googles documentation suggests that this cookie will be used to "throttle request rate".

The naming of this cookie with the tealium_0 will be due to the name of the tracker within the profile, it looks to be related to the gtag version of the tag.


Have a good weekend!

_gat_tealium_0=1 cookie

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Thank you :)