get value on tealium

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How to get value of text box from frontEnd HTML dom  to tealium portal


get value on tealium

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You need to capture the information, @anand, from the text box using JavaScript, and then assign it to a data object.

The steps are roughly:

1) Create the data object in the Data Layer tab.  Set it as a UDO object

2) Add a Set Data Values extension.

3) Select the data object in the first drop down, change the second drop down to "Javascript" and then write some JS or jQuery to read the value from the textbox

This will assign the value from the textbox into the Tealium variable which will then be available for all tags


You might need to fiddle with the scope to make sure it fires at the right time.

If you want to read the value when the user changes it, you can add an event handler extension with a similar set up, but with the scope being blur on the appropriate textbox.