help with implementation Utag_data Utag.view modal page on GUA

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I ve read some about the use of utag.view and but I am confussed about how to implement it. Can anyone help us about this topic?. or is any tutorial available .Tks in advance.

Our point is that we have a C2C built without reload por each screen (so is an unique page). In that page we think in implement google analytics and our aim is to fire an event for each step plus setting virtual pages.

We thought to use a datalayer with 3 variables that will be change their values in each step and use this values to implment the google Universal taggging in a Javascript extension.

After this resume, the questions we need help are this:

1. What should we implement on page?. This is what we thought before known the navigation were not use an unique page.

script type="text/javascript"
var utag_data = {
gestionC2C_origen : "",
gestionC2C_nombre : "",
gestionC2C_paso : ""
script type="text/javascript"(function(a,b,c,d){ a='//'; b=document;c='script';d=b.createElement(c);d.src=a;d.type='text/java'+c;d.async=true; a=b.getElementsByTagName(c)[0];a.parentNode.insertBefore(d,a); })(); /script

2. Tealium JS extension:

if(typeof(utag_data)!='undefined') {
//virtual page for funnel reports

ga('set', 'page', utag_data.gestionC2C_nombre+utag_data.gestionC2C_paso);

//Events por events reports and configure goals
ga('send', 'event', 'C2C_CCLI', utag_data.gestionC2C_nombre, utag_data.gestionC2C_paso+':'+document.URL);


Thanks in advance.


help with implementation Utag_data Utag.view modal page on GUA

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This article should hopefully answer your questions regarding and utag.view: and utag.view()

And you may also find this useful in terms of the Google Analytics tracking.
How To Guide: Event Tracking With Google Analytics

If you have already read those, I apologise. Please feel free to ask any further questions.

Many thanks

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help with implementation Utag_data Utag.view modal page on GUA

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Hi Steve

Thanks so much for your time and help. I have got launched the utag view and debug the object a values.

I have not enought clear how to access to this data from a Javascript extension and fire a cutom UA event. In the example from the second article use a condition to fire the event in the begining of the code:

Code on Page: (working and debugged with objet a values passed)


After that in a Javascript extension:

Not know how control the event firing. Neither how to use the variables on the javascript.

In pseudo code I had whised something like this:

if(typeof(a) != 'undefined'){

//virtual page for funnel reports:

ga('set', 'page', variable1+':'+variable2);

//Aditional Events por events reports and configure goals:

ga('send', 'event', 'Category_Namex', variable1, variable2, variable3+document.URL);


Thanks for helping