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how to add semicolon at starting of s.products

Hi team,

we are implementiog s.products string using merchandiasing evar and events and commerce varible. We ahve not used ecommerce extension provided by tealium.


So my question is that how can i add semicolon at starting of prodcut string?


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Re: how to add semicolon at starting of s.products

Hi @RohiniM - of course, the Tealium ecommerce extension takes care of all such minutia.  However it takes some advance planning to get it into your profile if you've never used it before.  Try to make some time to do so in the future because you'll find that it takes care of so much on almost every tag you'll ever use.


That said, you'll want to use an extension to append the leading semicolon to your product string.  You should be able to use a Set Data Values extension to do something like

set   productStringName    to    JS Code   ";"+productStringName

 or you could do similar with a long form JavaScript code extension.