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loadrule with regularExpression

Hi Team,

Is there a way in tealium to set the regex loadrule condition ?

For example : I have a data variable called utag_data['dom.query_string'] = "", which may contains some email patterns. My loadrule should be able to check if the value for the variable- utag_data['dom.query_string'] doesNotContains any email pattern then only need to configure a tag.

Can somebody suggest me how we can do this ?

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Re: loadrule with regularExpression

@v-ynaik you have to fiddle a bit around with this, but a possible regex could be:


It means all patterns/urls that have no @ after the ? Is that specific enough? Otherwise you have to play with it in an online regex tool. And look for "negative lookaheads" in Google, cause that's what you're looking for.


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