serial events

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Does anyone know how do serial event work without using extensions?

Thank you in advance! :)



serial events

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Hi @pgarri02pruebas - can you be a little more precise, are you speaking of event serialization in Adobe Analytics?  


If so, why do you need to do this work outside of Extensions?


Looking forward to your reply and further discussion....

serial events

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Hi @mitchellt! Yes, of course. I have a variable in my datalayer called "presupuesto" with the value "1257". On the other hand, I have a event4 that must be shown  when my page is loaded. So, when the page is loaded, I need this event to be serialized with the value of the variable "presupuesto". I would need that the value of the event was: event4:1257. 

We are trying to do this without extensions because we want to take advantage of the new function of Tealium of SERIAL EVENTS.

Thank you in advance for your help!

serial events

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Hi @mitchellt

I'm trying event serialization with the automatic detecion of event serialization within the AppMeasurment tag. I have managed to get event serialization with a static value but I'd like to get it with a dynamic value. 

First, I've mapped these variables in Tealium:


Then, I've included this variables in the (js)

var utag_data = {
"trigger": "fireEvt:123",
"event": ["loadComplete", "visualizarPrecios"]

With this implementation, I'm able to serialize the event and I see this in the dataslayer:


However, "123" is an static value and I would like to do the same with a dynamic value. 

Thank you very much for your help!

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serial events

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Hello @pgarri02pruebasPlease refer to this link.