tag does not fire on utag.link

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Is it possible to change the u.ev.all setting in an extension? For a specific (Floodlight) tag we need to trigger on link calls but the template only allows for view calls. I know I can change the template but having multiple tags like this it feels cumbersome/hacky to change the template for only such a simple change....


tag does not fire on utag.link

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Yes, you can utilize a Javascript extension scoped to your DC tag with the following script:


u.ev = {'view' : 1, 'link' : 1}

The extensions portion of the tag will execute after u.ev has been created, so this will allow you to manipulate the object and specify the type of event (view or link) that the tag can load on.


You can also create 1 DC Floodlight tag, update the u.ev parameters, and then utilize a lookup table if you have many tags firing in accordance with that. Either way works.


Hope that helps you :)