tealium_event empty string in view event iOS

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Bronze Contributor

Good morning,

I belive I found a bug related to tealium_event data layer variable. Looking at variable definition inspecting Tealium code in utag.js it seems that its value (if not overwritten) is always equal to ut.event (looking at RDut function), and as far as I can see from Web and Android application the behaviour is perpetually like this. 

The bug appears always in iOS native application and in effect when inspecting data layer in "view" events, the variable tealium_event is always equal to empty string.

Here you can find a log sample of b valorization during "view" events in iOS.

We are using tealium_event as a load rule for tags in profile med.ott.app.mediaset.it, so we need the variable to be constantly valued every time a new event is triggered.

How do we (@fabiomelen) troubleshoot from here?