unable to save?

I create an extension, click the save/publish button, click save as in the modal dialog, fill in a description and select two environments, and click publish. The dialog disappears (which doesn't seem weird at all) and nothing else happens (that's weird). The version shown in the upper right does not change. Nothing changes. My extension is still there, but if I log out and come back it's gone What should I do?
Tealium Employee
I have seen similar behavior at times. I am not really sure what the issue is. Normally I just wait a few minutes or switch browsers and then I am able to publish and then things are back to normal. It may be just a temporary bug.
Employee Emeritus
Hey David, only Tealium staff, certified partners and certified professionals (like James) have the ability to answer so bringing your knowledge in the comments is exactly the right thing to do.
Tealium Employee
That makes sense. I have experienced this behavior though and I do have full publishing permissions. Probably coincidence. Good luck!