utag.link SiteCatalyst tracking issue - utag.link is getting suppressed

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We are working on form tracking and we are sending the form display event on the page by the developers. When that fires we have a JS code extension looking for that event. We then listen for clicks to fire the form start, and so on. All of this works fine on intial page load and one page refresh or if you move to another page/tab. Included in that is about 2 display calls (utag.link) and possibly an additional start or abandon call (both utag.link). After that, the display events are suppressed in the adobe calls. The tealium form event still appears in the console but there is not link tracking call to adobe, thus the extension no longer runs. I was wondering what is suppressing the utag.link call after so many page refreshes or loads. I have tried with the utag_cfg_ovrd.noload = false. It randomly appears to work when entering it in the console but has not been successful when placed in the extension. 

Jennifer Riddle

utag.link SiteCatalyst tracking issue - utag.link is getting suppressed

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Hi @jriddle

I would suggest raising a ticket with the Support team, (support.tealiumiq.com) and get a member of the team to debug with you.


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