utag.view() dummy page name not being sent

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I have been trying to fire a utag.view on the show of a certain modal.  This part works, the pageview can be seen in developer tools and the tags I set all fire - but for some reason the 'dummy' page name I am trying to send reverts back to the actual name of the page by the time it is sent to google (which can be observed happening in the console).



 if ((jQuery('#declineRD.modal.fade.in').is(':visible'))  ||
			         {     var id = $(this).attr("id");
                                       var decision = id.substr(id.length - 2);
                                       var data = {};
			                data.event_category = "app decision";
                                        data.event_action = "full app posted";
                                        data.event_label = decision;
				        data.pg_nme = "Thank You";
// push decision into data layer if decline
utag.data.application_status = decision; utag.data.pg_nme = "Thank You"; console.log(utag.data.pg_nme);
// these are the tags we want to fire on a decline decision - update where necessary utag.view(data, null , [2, 16, 4, 8, 21, 23, 30, 32]); }





So I am setting the page name in utag.data which I think should be picked up and sent (it is mapped to pg_nme in the GA tag).


Any ideas?


utag.view() dummy page name not being sent

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The use of the tag UID's in the utag.view only bypasses the load rules of the tags you have selected, any All Tag scoped extensios will still be processed normally.


This means that if you have an extension to creates a virtual data layer, i.e. scraping data from HMTL of the page it will overwrite any data that you have passed through in the event. So in this case pg_nme would be overwritten from "Thank You" back to the previous value.


A solution to this would be to have a flag passed in your event to pypass the extension that creates your data Layer therefore stopping your event information being lost.

utag.view() dummy page name not being sent

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Thanks Simon - I'll give this a go!