utag.view firing on a condition

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the udo variable "stepfinto" is set to 1 with a "Set Data Values" (first as execution order) extensions on a particolar condition then I have defined a JS extension (second as execution order) that if b.stepfinto==1 the


utag.view({ "processo":"bonifico","faseprocesso":"bonifico02", "tagpagina":"bonificoconf", "stepnumber":"2" }, function(){b.stepfinto=0;},[1,3]); } 


fire but not!


In the profile I have only WT tag (id 1) and tealium collector (id 3).


Any suggestion?




utag.view firing on a condition

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Hi @stefano75. Try using utag.data['stepfinto'] instead of b.stepfinto.  


The b object is possibly out of scope when you are trying to reference it (It depends what the extensions are scoped to)