window.tealiumCmpIntegration undefined

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Silver Contributor

Hello I am trying to add Consent Integration.

I followed all the steps on the guide 

  • iQ Tag Management > Consent Integrations > Add Integration
  • Insert name, vendor and id
  • Selected default Enforcement Rule
  • Select publish locations
  • Created purpose group
  • Choosed the keys and name of purposes
  • Mapped tags

Now, when I visit my website I expect to see the new variables in the datalayer (tci) but I don't.

I also copy and paste the snippet in the browser console

var outputString = `${tealiumCmpIntegration.cmpName} - ${tealiumCmpIntegration.cmpCheckIfOptInModel() ? 'Opt-in' : 'Opt-out'} Model

  - vendor id:            ${tealiumCmpIntegration.cmpFetchCurrentLookupKey()}
  - well-formed decision: ${tealiumCmpIntegration.cmpCheckForWellFormedDecision(tealiumCmpIntegration.cmpFetchCurrentConsentDecision())}
  - explicit decision:    ${tealiumCmpIntegration.cmpCheckForExplicitConsentDecision(tealiumCmpIntegration.cmpFetchCurrentConsentDecision())}
  - consented purposes:   ${JSON.stringify(tealiumCmpIntegration.cmpConvertResponseToGroupList(tealiumCmpIntegration.cmpFetchCurrentConsentDecision()).sort(),null, 8)}

but I get an error message

Uncaught ReferenceError: tealiumCmpIntegration is not defined


Can anyone suggest what might go wrong?



window.tealiumCmpIntegration undefined

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Bronze Contributor

older versions of utag did not support CmpIntegrations. 

Tealium iQ Consent Integrations has a dependency on the latest utag version 4.49. To enable support in previous versions, edit the uTag Loader template and add ##UTCM## under the ##UTGEN##publish engine flag.

Edit your uTag Loader as described in

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