This article describes how to get the most out of Tealium and Leanplum.

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How it Works

Leanplum helps forward-looking brands meet the real-time needs of their customers by transforming data into an understanding of user needs and wants. By optimizing engagement campaigns and using multiple communication channels, the Leanplum platform delivers a timely, tested, and relevant unified experience to build customer loyalty and fuel business growth.

See the Tealium + Leanplum Technology Partnership Overview for more information.

Server-Side Integration

The following table lists descriptions and prerequisites for the server-side Leanplum Integration types and provides links to detailed setup documentation.

Integration Type What to Expect from this Integration Product Requirements Setup Guides
Leanplum Connector Leverage the Leanplum Connector to pass user attribute data from Tealium to Leanplum and trigger real-time messages.


  • EventStream and/or AudienceStream


  • Leanplum account

Leanplum Connector Setup Guide

Specifying Endpoint and API Versions

When configuring the Leanplum connector, you must specify which endpoint and API version is used for each action.

API Version

  • Leanplum API version is 1.0.6 for all actions.

Available Endpoints

Additional Resources