API Sampler

API Sampler

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The API Sampler provides you with the raw data that AudienceStream uses to build your visitor profiles. You can review this data to make sure that AudienceStream is populating your visitor profiles properly. The data is presented in JSON format. You can find the API Sampler listed under Tools > Visitor Profile Sampler.


Reviewing Data

In order to review any data, you must build a query through the Data Sampler Query Builder.


To do this:

  1. Select the date of the data you want to view. You have three options:
    • Live feed - Provides a continuous feed of the latest visitor profile data as it comes into AudienceStream.
    • Today - Provides the visitor profile data just collected today.
    • Yesterday - Provides the visitor profile data collected for yesterday.
  2. The only formatting type supported is JSON, and is checked by default. You cannot change this.
  3. You can filter the query by a particular Badge attribute. Select the Badge attribute from the drop-down.


  4. Click Submit_Query_Button.png.

    Note: If you selected 'Live feed' for Date Selection, then AudienceStream will continuously display data until you click Stop_Query_Button.png or navigate away from the API Sampler.

Keep in mind that it may take a few minutes to populate the tab with the data from your query. To remove currently displayed query results, click the Clear_All_Button.png button.