By default, Actions in AudienceStream fire as soon as their conditions are met. AudienceStream also provides the option to set delays so individual Actions don't trigger immediately.

Finally, in cases when visitors qualify for numerous Actions (emails, for instance) and triggering them all would be undesirable, one can restrict the frequency of Actions within a time period and decide which Actions should trigger and which should be ignored (to avoid spamming).

The Frequency Cap ability allows you to prevent Actions from triggering too close together and to prioritize which of those Actions you want to trigger relative to one another to make sure the most important Action still triggers. 


Frequency Cap and Action Priority

The cooldown applies only when the Action is enabled for Frequency Cap and is assigned an Action Priority number. The Action Priority decides which Action to trigger in the event several Actions in the same cooldown are fulfilled simultaneously. The highest number you specify becomes the highest priority, which means the priority of "2" is higher than the priority of "1”.


Remember- All non-capped Actions will trigger independently without being delayed as they are NOT affected by the cooldown.


To summarize, here's what happens when you toggle the Frequency Cap to ON/OFF:

  • ON: Highest priority Action in a Cooldown group is triggered. No Actions in the same Cooldown Group will trigger for the rest of the cooldown period, nor will they trigger automatically when the cooldown period expires.
  • OFF: Action does NOT qualify for cooldown and, therefore, will trigger as and when the triggering condition/event occurs.


How it works

  1. AudienceStream evaluates the conditions for all Actions in a cooldown group.
  2. If only one Action condition is true, AudienceStream instantly triggers it. If more conditions are true simultaneously, AudienceStream will evaluate their Action Priorities then trigger the highest priority Action only.
  3. Then the cooldown hours kick in, during which NO Actions in that group will trigger.
    NOTE:If the Action has a delay set for it, the delay is still respected. The cooldown will kick in after the delayed Action triggers. For example, if the Action has a 2-hour delay, then it will wait two hours before triggering. If a higher priority Action triggers before the delay is up, the cooldown will take effect and suppress the delayed Action.
  4. After the cooldown expires, AudienceStream re-evaluates those conditions and starts over from step #2.

IMPORTANT: When frequency capping is in progress, all non-capped Actions will trigger independently without being throttled because they are NOT affected by the cooldown.


Adding a new Cooldown

Adding a new cooldown makes it available to all frequency capped Actions in your profile. To add a new cooldown group,


  1. In your AudienceStream profile, click the gear icon at the top right corner and select Manage Cooldown.
    manage cooldown menu.png
  2. Click +Add Cooldown Group on the left sidebar.
  3. In the right sidebar, choose the Color and type a name in the Name textbox to uniquely identify your cooldown group.
  4. Set the Duration in hours. You may choose from the predefined list or simply enter a custom number.
  5. Click Save to confirm.

add a new cooldown.png



What is Default Cooldown?

It’s a built-in cooldown that automatically applies to a frequency capped Action should there be no other cooldown set up in your profile. While you cannot edit its name, you do have the option to define its hours and apply it to frequency capped Actions of your choice.


default cooldown.png


Applying Cooldown to an Action

You may apply a cooldown group to one or more frequency capped Actions in the same Connector. To do that,

  1. Hover over the Act Tab and select Connectors.
  2. Go to the Connector of your choice and click Edit.
    NOTE: If your Connector does not exist, you may add it from the Marketplace by clicking +Add Connector.
  3. In the Actions tab and locate the specific Action you want to cap.
  4. Toggle its Frequency Cap to ON.
  5. Assign a number as the Action Priority.
    • Do NOT set it to zero or a negative number; Action Priority should always be a positive number.
    • Here is a quick tip: Assign the priorities in increments of 10 instead of consecutive numbers. This makes it easier to insert a new Action at a later point without having to change the priority values for the other Actions.
  6. Save and Publish you profile.

frequency cap area.png



Usage Example

Assume your profile has two cooldown groups and one Connector comprising of four Actions. The cooldowns are applied to those Actions in the following fashion:


Action Name Cooldown group Cooldown Hours Priority Number Additional delay
A Group 1 48 hours 40 -
B Group 1 48 hours 30 2 hours
C Default 24 hours 1 -
D No Cooldown - - -




Cooldown Group 1,

  • If Action A evaluates to true before Action B, only Action A will trigger. The 48-hour cooldown will kick in during which both Actions will NOT trigger.
  • If Action B evaluates to true before Action A, only Action B will trigger AFTER 2 hours owing to the added delay. The 48-hour cooldown will kick in during which both Actions will NOT trigger.
  • If Actions A and B are both true at the same time, only Action A will trigger because it is highest in priority. The 48-hour cooldown will kick in during which both Actions will NOT trigger.

Default Cooldown,

  • When Action C evaluates to true, it is triggerred instantly. The 24-hour cooldown will kick in during which Action C will NOT trigger again.

Action D triggers immediately after its condition is met, without being throttled by any cooldown.


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