EventStore Legacy Tag - Migrating to Tealium Collect

EventStore Legacy Tag - Migrating to Tealium Collect

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If you are using EventStore/EventStream Legacy (ESL) to export live events and data, we recommend upgrading to the new EventStore feature. The new EventStore is powered by the Tealium Collect Tag and offers many benefits over ESL.

Why Upgrade?

There are several reasons to switch to the new EventStore.

ESL is deprecated

Tealium is deprecating the ESL feature. This means that there will be no further updates or improvements to it. In fact, you will not be able to find ESL Tag in the Tags Marketplace anymore.

Ability to create Filtered Streams of events

Filtered streams contain events that matter the most to you. Data from every stream is compressed in a gzip file and made available for download. This makes it easy to export data from handpicked events without having to download extraneous data.

The downloaded JSON file will have a .gz extension as of August 4, 2017. All files downloaded before August 4, 2017 will have the .gzip extension. Learn more about this change here

Cleaner data structure
Event data collected by the new EventStore is structured in a flattened JSON format, as opposed to the legacy space-delimited format. The old format combined the data points in your data layer into one long string, which you then had to parse. The new format provides these data points as individual key/value pairs, meaning you can more easily see and access the data. So long story short, the new structure is far better organized and easily ingested by other Tealium products.

More frequent uploads to Tealium's S3 bucket

Events that you stream to the new EventStore will be uploaded to Tealium's S3 bucket once every hour OR when at least 5 MB of compressed files have queued up, whichever comes first. Now compare that to ESL which uploads data to the bucket only once per day.

Compatibility with EventDB

You cannot stream events directly to EventDB without first sending them to the new EventStore. The data structure of EventDB is very similar to that of the new EventStore. In contrast, the legacy data structure is space-delimited which is NOT fit for use with EventDB.

Legacy vs New: At a Glance

EventStore Feature Legacy New
Tag in charge of fetching live events EventStore Tealium Collect
Ability to create and export Filtered Streams of events
Compatible with EventDB
Frequency of upload to Tealium's S3 bucket Once a day Once per hour
File format available for download log file (*.tgz) compressed (*.gz)
Structure of event data space-delimited (unstructured) flattened JSON (structured)

How to Upgrade

STEP 1. Add and configure the Tealium Collect Tag.

You must add and configure the Tealium Collect Tag in the matching Tealium iQ profile. Before doing that, request your account or deployment manager to enable the new EventStore/EventDB for your account and also to provide you the Tag's server URL. Once the Tag is up and running, it will start streaming data from your site.


STEP 2. Deactivate--or delete--the legacy EventStore/EventStream Tag in the same profile.

CAUTION: Confirm that the Collect Tag is working properly before you delete or deactivate ESL. Remember: you cannot add the ESL Tag back from the Tag Marketplace.


STEP 3. Save/Publish the Tealium iQ profile.

STEP 4. Go to the Live Events tab in the matching AudienceStream profile. Click open the event streams of your choice and enable EventStore using the slider.



This can be done for "All Events" or just the filtered streams that are important to you.

What about the S3 access key for the new EventStore? If you have the access key for ESL, it will NOT work for the new EventStore. To get the new access key, go to the DataAccess Console >> EventStore and click on "Get Amazon S3 access key".