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Facebook Ads connector



My question is, how is the id sync between AS and Facebook? I mean, if I create an audience in AS how Facebook identify these IDs?


Thank you in advance!


Javier Millán

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Re: Facebook Ads connector



First just for clarifcation, a users true Facebook ID cannot be used to target a user. You need to capture their Open Graph Facebook User ID. This ID is what you will pass to Facebook in the AS connector to target a user. Alternitively, you can target a user based on their email address or phone number.


Note: You must provide the "Facebook App Id" corresponding to the Facebook User ID when using this identifier type.


Second, If you create an Audience within AudienceStream, it should automatically show up in Facebook as a targetable audience just as if was created in the Facebook UI. 


Facebook requires the first custom audience be created in Facebook Ads Manager website, otherwise creating a new custom audience here might cause errors.


That being said, when you create a Facebook Audience within AS, you can use one of the 3 identifiers (Open Graph ID, Email, Phone Number) against the AudienceStream created Facebook audience. 


Here is a TLC article outlining a standard setup:


Please let me know if this is what you're looking for.