The connector specifications spreadsheet is a tool used to gather your server-side tag vendor requirements for the deployment of EventStream and/or AudienceStream. The filled out spreadsheet will be used by your technical deployment team to create a comprehensive configuration guide for your connector(s) within EventStream and/or AudienceStream to match your existing connector(s) installation. This article provides an overview of the spreadsheet and guidance on filling it out properly.


The connector specification spreadsheet is a requirements gathering document used during the deployment of EventStream and/or AudienceStream. Think of it as a full inventory of your server-side vendors. You will fill it out and return it to your deployment team for review.

Download the connector specification spreadsheet attachment at the bottom of this article.

The spreadsheet has a single tab/sheet which requires the following information:

  • Vendor Name
    Specifies the name of the vendor or connector you want to have setup. Common examples include Adobe Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, and Optimizely.
  • Vendor Type
    Defines the category type for the vendor. Common category examples include analytics, personalization, email, search, and big data. 
  • Link to Vendor Documentation
    A link to the vendor's API documentation for their server-side integration.

    If login credentials are required to access this link, include them here.

  • Point of Contact
    Contact information for a technical representative from the vendor to answer questions about the integration or to help troubleshoot issues.
  • Connection Information
    The basic integration settings for connecting to the vendor's server-side service. Examples include a URL, account name, server host, username/password, or an API key.
  • Event Data or Audience Data
    Specifies which type of data you would like to send to the vendor, either event data or visitor (audience) data. To learn more about event data and visitor (audience) data see our glossary
  • Action to Take
    Defines the action, or sequence of steps, to take. The action can be simple, like sending event data, or more complex depending on the type of connector. For example, a more complex action (taken from ExactTarget) might involve the following:
    • Send an email
    • Add visitor to an email list
    • Remove a visitor from an email list or
    • Add, Delete, or Update a data extension.
    Please review the actions offered by the vendor.
  • Action Information
    The action may require additional information be sent to the vendor such as product and order information, a data table name, a business unit, or a list name. Please provide as much detail as possible about the action you want to trigger.

The below table is an example of the connector spreadsheet. To view the below document in full resolution click here 


Download the connector specifications spreadsheet attachment below.