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  • Tealium Expert
    Tealium Expert
    Earned by 13
    Congratulations on becoming a Tealium Expert! You are a rock star!
  • Tealium iQ Exam: Advanced
    Tealium iQ Exam: Advanced
    Earned by 330
    Amazing! You've completed the necessary Tealium Education course for iQ Advanced training. We're proud of your product expertise!
  • Tealium iQ Exam: Technical
    Tealium iQ Exam: Technical
    Earned by 272
    Hooray! You've completed the necessary Tealium Education course to receive this iQ Technical badge.
  • Tealium iQ Exam: Basic
    Tealium iQ Exam: Basic
    Earned by 458
    Congratulations! You've completed the necessary Tealium Education course to receive this iQ Basic badge.
  • Kudos Star
    Kudos Star
    Earned by 870
    Congratulations! You just earned your first kudo in the TLC! Keep the posts coming to receive more kudos.
  • Kudos All-Star
    Kudos All-Star
    Earned by 201
    You did it! You received ten kudos in the Tealium Learning Center. High five!
  • Kudos MVP
    Kudos MVP
    Earned by 99
    Congratulations on earning your 25th kudo! The community seems to really like your posts, so keep it up! We appreciate you.
  • Idea Star
    Idea Star
    Earned by 322
    Well done! You've submitted your first product idea to the TLC. Keep up the contributions, and don't forget to vote for other ideas, too!
  • Idea All-Star
    Idea All-Star
    Earned by 14
    Congratulations! You have submitted ten product ideas to the TLC. Way to go!
  • Solution Star
    Solution Star
    Earned by 219
    One of your replies has been accepted as a solution to a community member's question. Congratulations on your first accepted solution in the TLC!
  • Solution All-Star
    Solution All-Star
    Earned by 32
    Keep up the great work! Ten of your replies have been marked as solutions. Way to lend a helping hand!