Note: not all tags support user-defined variables, please check with your account manager if you are unsure.

Just because a vendor destination variable is not in the tag's mapping toolbox in Tealium iQ doesn't mean you can't send data to it. Whether you need to send data to a location that Tealium iQ doesn't have native support for in the tag configuration wizard or you want to send data to a user-defined destination, you can define that destination via the toolbox.

To start, we will begin just the same way would with any data mapping. On the tags tab, find the tag you want to modify and expand it's dashboard.


  1. Click on the edit button in the mapping section.
  2. Select the data source you want to map.
  3. Click on "Select Destination".
  4. Click on 'Add Custom Destination' category. In the empty text field, type the name of the destination where you want to send the data source value.
  5. If you want to send the data source value to more than one destination, click the '' button in the top and type the new destination. 
  6. Don't forget to save and publish your changes.


Follow along below for step-by-step screenshots

Edit Mapped Data Sources


step 2.png


step 3.png


step 4.png


step 5.png


after custom mapping.png