Google Analytics now supports automatic currency conversion. Currently, this requires a manual mapping in Tealium because it isn't included by default in the tag template, and there's no option for it in the mapping toolbox (this will be updated in a future release of the GA tag).


All you need to do to enable automatic currency conversion is to map _ccurrency (E-Commerce) to "currencyCode" and Google will convert the currency you have passed in (ISO currency code e.g. GBP, USD) to the default currency for that GA account. Please note that the exchange rate is controlled by Google and not by Tealium. Follow these steps if you wish to use this functionality:

  1. Ensure you have a data source in your Universal Data Object/Data Layer that contains the currency code of your online store (e.g. EUR):
  2. Make sure this is mapped in the Ecommerce extension to "Currency":
  3. Go to the "Tags" tab and open up the configuration for your GA tag. Select "_ccurrency" from the list of data sources and then click "Select Destination".
  4. The next prompt you see will be the mapping toolbox. Since there is currently no placeholder for "Currency", simply press "Cancel":
  5. Manually enter "currencyCode" into the empty text box next to "_ccurrency". Please note this is case sensitive:
    After pressing "Finish", you'll see this in the tag configuration screen:
  6. You're done! Now save and publish, and provided you are passing in a valid ISO currency code through your data layer, GA will automatically convert the currency you passed in into the default currency of your GA account.
  7. (Optional but recommended) Finally, you can verify that the change has taken effect by checking for the presence of the "utmcu" parameter in the __utm.gif files that get sent to GA. This will contain the currency code you passed into your data layer:

Other Considerations

  • Please make sure only a single currency code is passed into your data layer - not an array or a string containing multiple currencies, as this will not work.
  • You must be using the "GA External" script source, or this will not work: