How is Tealium affected by ad blockers?


Currently, there are no known blockers that block Tealium (utag.js) by default.

If you encounter an ad blocker that is affecting your Tealium installation, contact support and let them know which blocking service is causing the issue and the affected site or URL. We'll do our best to work with them to resolve the situation. 

We recommend letting your customers know that using ad blocking software can affect site functionality and ask that it be disabled to ensure full site functionality. 

Tealium can be blocked if a user manually adds Tealium to the block list. The following examples use Adblock Plus and Ghostery to show how to make sure Tealium is not blocked.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus does not block utag.js by default, but it might block the tags which Tealium loads, such as Google Ads, Google Audiences, or Adroll.

Here is an example of the Adblock Plus interface when blocking ads:


One drawback to their interface is that the blocked tags are not listed. In order to determine what is blocked on your site you can examine the network traffic in the browser developer tools to identify blocked requests:


To examine what criteria Adblock Plus uses to block ads, you can view this article.

The Chrome browser was used above. You may find the appearance is different for other browsers. 


Ghostery does not block utag.js by default (listed as Tealium in their interface) only if you make a selection to do so. The following image shows the default settings for Ghostery with no trackers blocked:


If you encounter a case where Tealium is blocked, click the red X to unblock Tealium then refresh the page. Tealium should load normally. Here is an example where Tealium is specifically blocked and the red X to click:


If all tags are blocked, the Ghostery interface will appear as follows:


If you find this is the case, click Unblock All, then refresh the page. Tealium should load normally.