You want to check or enable a tag to fire not only on 'view' events (e.g. a page loading) but also 'link' events (e.g. someone clicking on a link).

Background Reading

Ensure you read the AJAX Tracking post before continuing. In a nutshell, Tealium handles calls in two main ways - 'view' and 'link' events. When you load a new page by default a 'view' event is triggered. However, to trigger a 'link' event the function needs to be called (or utag.track()). The above post explains how this works.


1. Add the tag you want to check to your profile and save a version if you haven't already : if you don't save, you can't edit the template)

2. Go to 'edit' in the tag configuration >> Advanced Settings >> Edit Template




Advanced Settings


Edit Template


3. Check the template and amend as necessary

If your template looks like this on line 4 then your tag is only configured to fire on 'view' calls:


You can easily update this to fire on 'link' too as follows:


4. Now just 'Save Profile Template' and then publish to see your tag now being capable of firing on 'link' as well as 'view'

AJAX Tracking