Tag is firing on utag.view (pageview) events, but not responding to (user interaction/click) events


Each tag template is set up by default to respond to either:

 a) utag.view

b) utag.view AND

Generally, this is based on the implementation guide the tag vendor provided, so if the vendor only specified code for a page view, then only utag.view support will be present in the template.


Sometimes you might wish to add support to a tag that by default only supports utag.view. To begin, follow this document for instructions on how to edit a tag template: Edit a tag template

Once you are editing the template, look for the line that starts with

u.ev= {'view': 1};


Edit this line to read:

u.ev = {'view' : 1, 'link': 1};


Save the tag template and re-publish the profile. Your tag will now respond to both utag.view and events.