Attached is a code example that you can use to write your own video tracking implementation for the JW8 Player.

You can find complete documentation of the API here:

You will use a custom JavaScript Code extension scoped to DOM Ready for this implementation.

In the attached example, you will note that:

  • We are using the native MutationObserver because the target video player did not exist in the DOM at DOM Ready.
    • Keep this in mind as it may be applicable to your use case.
  • All of the JW video player events are handled by the Controller.
    • You may add or remove events (all are listed in the API reference page) to the video_events property of the Controller.
    • You must create a Controller method for every event that you want to track.
  • We are triggering a link call inside each event method defined in the Controller.
    • You can scrape pass whichever data to whichever UDO variables are requested by the client.