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Standard Data Extensions

Extension Description


Enable support for cryptographic hashing.

Hosted Data Layer

Supplement the on-page data layer with data from your hosted data layer objects.

Join Data Values

Join data values together into a larger hierarchical data value. You can choose which character to use to join the data (ie /, -, : )

Lookup Table

Translate values based on a lookup table.


Set data layer, JavaScript page, meta-data, query string and cookie variables to lower case. This is a best practice for data consistency.

Pathname Tokenizer

Tokenize the location.pathname attribute into individual tokens (max of 8 tokens).

Persist Data Value

Set a data value into a persistent cookie. You can choose the cookie name and persistence duration.

Previous Page

Persist the previous page name value for use on the subsequent page.

Set Data Values

Set or default variable values based on a condition.

Advanced Extensions

Extension Description


Get a view of your customer’s journey across multiple channels. Set the Channel Conversion Credit sent to your Originator, Influencer and Closer affiliates.

China CDN Deployment 

Determines a user's location (inside or outside China), which allows web site content to be sent to the user from the appropriate CDN.

Content Modification

Change the content of an HTML element. This can be used to show A/B content based on a condition.

Data Validation

Trigger errors for incorrect data values on specific pages.

Domain-Based Deployment

Load a QA or Dev version of your Tag Deployment based on hostname.


Define a standard set of E-commerce variables such as Order Total and Product Sku List.

Flatten JSON Objects

Flatten JSON objects.

Javascript Code

Write JavaScript code in an enhanced editor with syntax checking, code diffs, GitHub integration, and a draft mode for a safe-guarded publish workflow.

Modal Offer

Enables the insertion of a modal overlay on any pages to alert the user of promotions, call to actions or offers.

Split Segmentation

Randomly assign your visitors into segments. Can be used for A/B testing or Sampling.

View-Through Tracking

Configure a cross-domain view-through tracking pixel for use in your ad creative. (Requires the Manage Account permission) 

Events Extensions

Extension Description

jQuery clickHandler (jQuery v1.6 and below)

Trigger tracking events when elements are clicked. jQuery 1.6 or earlier required.

jQuery onHandler (jQuery v1.7 and up)

Trigger tracking events when web page elements become visible such as LightBoxes or clickable elements. jQuery 1.7 or later required.

Tealium Events

Defines standard conditions for the most commonly tracked events. Adds the tealium_event variable to your data layer, to be passed along to Customer Data Hub via the Tealium Collect tag or to help simplify tag mappings, load rules, or other conditions.

Link Tracking

Enable and configure link click tracking.

Tag Specific Extensions

Extension Description

Adobe Target Tag Content Modification

Use this extension with the Adobe Target tag to change the content of an HTML element. This can be used to show A/B content based on a condition.

Currency Converter

Convert dollar amount totals between different currency types. If conditions conflict, the last Conversion definition will be used. (Requires Tealium Currency Converter tag)

Privacy Extensions

Extension Description

Do Not Track


Enable Do Not Track support. 

Privacy Manager

Enable Tracking Opt Out by Tag.

Tracking Opt Out

Enable Tracking Opt Out.