The Previous Page extension is used to persist the name of the previous page for use on the subsequent page.

See the full list of available extensions.

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How it works

The Previous Page extension adds a variable to the data layer named previous_page_name. The value of this variable is set to the value of a data layer variable from the previous page. You specify which data layer variable to use as the page name and the extension will save this value in a cookie so that it can be used on subsequent pages.

Here is a simple example where page_name is used. It shows what value to expect in previous_page_name as a visitor navigates through a series of pages. Notice that previous_page_name is not set on the first page in the session.

Page page_name previous_page_name
Home Page "Home - Welcome" (not set)
Search Page "Search for iPhone" "Home - Welcome"
Product Page "iPhone 10 Product Details" "Search for iPhone"

Using the Extension

Once the extension is added, the following configuration option is available:

  • Page Value: Select the data layer variable that contains the page's name.

The extension automatically saves the value of this variable and sets it to previous_page_name on the next page view.