Publish Workflow Management

Publish Workflow Management

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The Workflow Management feature activates a workflow process where all publishes to the Prod require approval. Users without permission to publish to Prod can submit a publish request to Prod for approval by users with permission to publish to Prod. If approved, the changes will go to Prod, otherwise no publish occurs.

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How It Works

When Workflow Management is disable (default setting) the Prod publish target is only available to users with permission to use it.

When this feature is enabled the Prod publish target becomes available to any user with either the Publish to Dev or Publish to QA permission. These users are called submitters because they submit requests to publish to Prod. When such a user submits a version to publish to Prod, it is sent to a queue of pending publishes where it must be reviewed before it will actually publish. Users with the Publish to Prod permission will be notified of the pending request and can approve or decline the submitted version. These users are called approvers.

While a version is pending approval, only approvers will be able to save changes to it. For this reason it is important for submitters to always perform a Save as when publishing to Prod.

These steps summarize the workflow:

  1. A submitter performs a Save as and selects Publish To: Prod.
    The saved changes are not actually published to Prod, but instead are sent to a queue to await review.
  2. An email is sent to all approvers notifying them of the pending publish to Prod request.
  3. Any approver can log into the account/profile to review the pending publish and take one of these actions:
    • Approve - the changes are approved and the version is published to Prod.
    • Decline - the changes are denied and no publish occurs.

Setting Up Workflow Management

Setting up workflow management is a two-step process:

  • Enable Workflow Management
    Enable the this feature from the Publish Settings screen.
  • Adjust User Permissions
    Update user permissions for your submitters and approvers.

Enable Workflow Mangement

To enable Workflow Management for your profile:

  1. Go to Save/Publish > Configure Publish Settings... (Learn more about Publish Settings.)
  2. In the Version Workflow area, find Workflow Management and click On.
  3. Click Save.


Adjust User Permissions

 The workflow process depends on two types of users: submitters and approvers. The following steps describe how to adjust user permissions for these types of users.


Submitters are users that cannot publish directly to Prod, but instead must have their changes approved through the workflow process. Submitters must have the Publish to Prod Environment permission removed. The Publish to QA Environment and Publish to Dev/Custom Environment settings should remain checked.

To adjust user permissions for a submitter:

  1. Open Manage Users.
  2. Select an existing user or add a user.
  3. On the profile permissions screen, uncheck the Publish to Prod Environment setting. 



Approvers are users that can publish directly to Prod and will be responsible for reviewing pending publishes to Prod. Approvers must have the Publish to Prod Environment permission enabled. Try to limit the number of approvers in your profile because every time a request for publish is submitted, all approvers will receive the email notification.

To adjust user permissions for an approver:

  1. Open Manage Users.
  2. Select an existing user or add a user.
  3. On the profile permissions screen, check the Publish to Prod Environment setting. 



Workflow Example

Once you've enabled Workflow Management and set the publish permissions for your users, you are ready to see it in action. Below is an example of the workflow process when Workflow Management is enabled.

Submitting a Publish Request

When a submitter makes changes they may save and publish to the Dev and QA environments freely. However, publishing to Prod requires approval. 

To submit a request to publish to Prod:

  1. Click Save/Publish.
  2. (Important) Select the Save As option.

    If Save is selected, the current version will become locked for all submitters.

  3. Enter version notes.
  4. Select Prod - Approval Required from the Publish Locations.


  5. Click Publish.

You will notice a red box appear next to the Save/Publish button indicating that the publish is pending approval.


After a Save as and a request to publish to Prod has been sent, submitters may no longer make changes to that pending version until the request has been approved or declined.

Approving/Declining a Publish Request

After a user has submitted a publish request, all approvers will receive an email regarding the request. Follow the instructions in the email to navigate to the console and review the request.


To approve or decline the publish request:

  1. Navigate to the Tealium iQ console.
  2. Click the red box next to the Save/Publish button indicating the number of publish requests awaiting your review.
    The pending requests dialog will appear.
  3. Click the entry you wish to approve or decline.
    The publish notes and action buttons will appear.
  4. Mouse-over a particular request to view its version notes.
  5. Click Approve or Decline.
    • If you click Approve, the Save/Publish window will pop up, prompting you to save and publish as normal.
      Make certain you select the Prod environment before you publish.
    • If you click Decline, the request is declined and an email is sent to the requestor.