We have recently solved for an ongoing issue within IE that limits the amount of data being sent to Site Catalyst due to the character limitation of 2047.  If you are sending large amounts of data or have many query string parameters in your URL here are a few pieces of code that you can use to cut down on characters.

Capture the length of your image requests

We were not sure of the size of our image requests across all applications and did not want spend the time evaluating each page with Adobe Digital Pulse Debugger or any other tool so we simply decided to put the image request character length in to a variable.


Set Data Values

     imgReqLength to JSCode (eval('s_i_0_'+s.visitorNamespace+'.src.length'));

This allowed a deep dive analysis of which pages and site sections were producing the largest image requests.

Remove white space from variables

Our breadcrumb for example was getting too long in some cases, so we decided to shorten it.


Set Data Values

     page.breadcrumb to JSCode - b['page.breadcrumb'].replace(/\s+/g, "");

Remove query string parameters from URL

We noticed that our URL was taking up most of the space in our image request and contained many query string parameters.  This also caused an issue for the referrer variable (Thanks to Ty for this one).  



     function removeQueryString(a)
            return a.split("?")[0];
     s.referrer = removeQueryString(document.referrer);
     s.pageURL = removeQueryString(document.URL);

Hope this helps!  Suggestions and comments are welcome.