The Tag Marketplace is your one-stop source for finding supported vendor tags and adding them to your profile. It offers tags spanning a variety of categories, such as Ad Display, Analytics, Affiliates, and Social Media to name a few.

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Getting Started

To access the Tag Marketplace, click iQ Tag Management > Tags in the sidebar and then click + Add Tag in the top-right corner.

  1. Home – Displays the default view of the Tag Marketplace.
    Here you can search for a tag, browse recently-added tags, and detect tag parameters from your vendor code snippet.
  2. What's New – Displays a set of recently-added tags.
  3. Tag Categories – Lists different tag categories.
  4. Search for a Tag – Search the Marketplace for a tag by typing its name in the text box.
  5. Detect Tag from Code – Automatically detects the tag parameters from a vendor code snippet.

Search for a Tag

There are two ways to look up a tag in the Tag Marketplace.

  • Use the Search tool
    Enter the name of your tag in the search box. A drop-down list will display the results matching your search keyword. Clicking the cross button reopens the Home screen so you can start a new search.
  • Browse the Tag Categories
    In the left sidebar, click on a category that is relevant to the tag of your choice. The underlying tags display in alphabetical order.

Add Tag

Use the following steps to add a marketplace tag:

  1. In the sidebar, click iQ Tag Management > Tags to open the Tag Marketplace.
  2. Search for your desired tag using either of the methods described above.
  3. Locate the tag and click + Add.
    The tag is added to your profile and the configuration window for the tag opens.
  4. Enter the tag parameters in the applicable fields.
  5. Click Save / Publish to save your changes and complete the tag setup.

Detect Tag From Code

Adding a tag to your profile, as discussed above, involves multiple steps: search for your tag, add it, configure it, then save and publish. If you wish to fast-track this process, use the Detect Tag from Code tool. This tool extracts the tag parameters from your vendor code snippet and automatically configures the tag for you. Here's a step-by-step tutorial.

  1. In the sidebar, click iQ Tag Management > Tags.
    Ensure that the Tag Marketplace Policy is disabled.
  2. Click + Add Tag.
  3. Click Detect Tag From Code to display a text box.
  4. Paste the code provided to you by your tag vendor.
  5. Click Detect Configuration.
    This signals Tealium to parse the tag snippet and extract its parameters.
  6. Upon detecting a match for the code snippet, the tag and its configurations display below your code snippet.
  7. Hover over the tag name and click + Add to add the tag to your profile.

If the tool fails to detect the vendor code snippet, you can search for and add a tag using conventional methods. You can optionally choose from a set of Tealium custom containers with which to add your desired tag if you cannot find it in the Tag Marketplace.


Hiding tags via the Tag Marketplace Policy will prevent the tool from detecting the matching code snippet.