This article describes how to view and understand marketplace tag reports.

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How it Works

The Tag Reporting view shows usage and performance data for the Tealium marketplace tags implemented on your site. This view helps you interpret various performance metrics, such as site visits, CDN requests, and vendor tag loads. Tag reports are intended for basic IT purposes and should not be considered an analytics tool.

Viewing Tag Reports

Use the following steps to view the tag reporting charts:

  1. In the left sidebar, click Client-Side Tools > Tag Reporting.
    The tag Usage and Operational reports for the last seven (7) days display for all profiles. 
  2. Select a profile from the Perspective drop-down list.
    The tag Usage and Operational reports for the selected profile display.
  3. In the Dates fields, use the calendar drop-down top select a date range.
    WhiteUI_TiQ_Tag Usage Reports_Select Date Range.jpg
    The reports for the selected timeframe display.

Understanding Tag Reports

Each chart in the tag report features two (2) different views: Trended and Cumulative.

  • Trended
    This view displays how the data trends or varies over the date range selected.
  • Cumulative
    This view displays the total of all data points captured up until that date selected in the ending date range, as shown in the following example:
    WhiteUI_TiQ_Tag Reporting_Trending and Cumulative Views.jpg

The following sections describe the information conveyed in each report type.

Visits Report

The Visit Report displays the visit (session) count for the period of time specified.

You must have utag.js version 4.26 or later to view this report.

A visit, or session, is the amount of time a visitor spends navigating through your site. The visit begins with the first page request and ends when the visitor navigates away from your site or when a predetermined period of time has elapsed (usually 30 minutes).

Loader Tag Report

The Loader Tag Report displays the number of tag requests (loads) that occur during the period of time specified. Loads are plotted for the utag.js, utag.sync.js, and the mobile.html file requests.

WhiteUI_TiQ_Tag Reporting_Loader Tag Details.jpg

Vendor Tags

The Vendor Tags Report displays the number of times the vendor tags (utag.*.js) were loaded on a given day in the specified date range.

Tag Error and Tag Kills data is not collected and always displays zero (0).

WhiteUI_TiQ_Tag Reporting_Vendor Tags Report.jpg