A powerful testing tool that allows you to change the Tealium files (utag.js, utag.sync.js) that are loaded on a page by specifying an environment (Dev, QA, Prod) and/or an Account/Profile.

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Resource URL

Add this tool to the Tealium Tools browser extension using the following URL:


How it Works

Upon launching, the tool the current account and profile detected on the page will be displayed, followed by several configuration tabs that allow you to adjust the behavior of the switcher.

Standard Configuration

The Standard tab allows you to switch to different environments: Dev, QA, or Prod.

  • The active environment on the page is highlighted in blue.
  • The original environment detected on the page is outlined in orange.

When you click a new environment, you must click the Start/Restart button to apply your changes. This will force a refresh of the current page.


Advanced Configuration

This tab is used for changing which account and/or profile to load the Tealium files from. This can be helpful if your profile uses inherited libraries or custom publish environments. You can enter the name of a specific library in the Profile field to isolate your tests. Once you change these settings, you must click the Start/Restart button to apply your changes.


Active Redirects

If you have initiated the switcher, the next time you load the tool the Active Redirects tab will be selected automatically to show the current environments that are being switched. The settings for each switcher will be displayed along with a Stop button to allow you to disable it. If you click the Stop button, the page will be automatically refreshed and the Tealium files will load normally as they are coded in the page.


Recent Redirects

This tab provides a history of the recently used configurations and makes it simple to reactivate a switcher. Simply click the Start button next to the switcher that you wish to activate and the page will refresh automatically and the changes will be applied.