The Scenario

Let's say there are two users, John and Alice. John and Alice are working in the same iQ profile. Alice is making some updates to their Google Analytics Tag and John is testing changes to their SiteCatalyst tag. Alice is ready to push her changes to the Prod environment. However, John is not ready for his tests to go out to Prod and he doesn't want to undo all his work so Alice can publish to Prod.

How can Alice push her changes to Prod without including John's work?

How It Works

One way to handle this situation is to have two separate tag instances for SiteCatalyst: one that publishes to Prod and the other that publishes to Dev and QA. This way John can test his changes in the SiteCatalyst instance that only publishes to Dev and QA, and the instance that publishes to Prod remains unaffected. How do we achieve this?

By doing these two things:

  1. Make a copy of the SiteCatalyst tag to create two instances.
  2. Set the Publish Locations for each the two tags so that one only publishes to Prod and the other only publishes to Dev and QA.

Copying the Tag & Configuring the Publish Locations

1. Navigate to the Tags tab in Tealium iQ and click on the Tag to expand it.

2. This is the instance that you will use for the Prod environment, so edit its title to reflect this, such as "SiteCatalyst for Prod".


3. Scroll down to the Publish Settings and make sure the Publish flags are set as follows:


    • Publish to Dev set to No
    • Publish to QA set to No
    • Publish to Prod set to Yes

4. On the left side of the expanded Tag, click the Copy button.

5. Enter "1" into the field and click Copy Tag.


6. The new copy is now created and Tealium iQ will automatically expand it for you. Click the Edit button in the Tag Configuration section.

7. Enter a title to help you distinguish this instance of the Tag from its duplicate, such as "SiteCatalyst for Dev/QA".


8. Scroll down the Publish Locations and make certain the Publish flags are set as follows:


    • Publish to Dev set to 'Yes'
    • Publish to QA set to 'Yes'
    • Publish to Prod set to 'No'

9. Save and Publish the changes.

Alice can now publish the profile to Prod with her changes and not push out John's changes as well. Check under the Current Locations section of the Tag's information to which environment(s) that Tag publishes to.

Tag publishing only to Prod


Tag publishing on to Dev/QA


When John has finished testing his changes he can either switch which Tag instance publishes to Prod or make the changes to the instance that currently publishes to Prod.