Data layer specifications and the Verify Data Layer tool are deprecated and no longer supported.

Data layer specifications are collections of variables and the values you expect those variables to have for a particular page view or event. 

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Create a Data Layer Specification

  1. Navigate to iQ Tag Management > Data Layer and click Data Layer Specifications.
  2. Click on + Add Specification.
  3. Set the following fields:
    • Title (Required): Enter a suitable name for the Spec.
    • Description (Optional): Provide useful notes/comments.
    • Spec Type (Required): This is how a Verify Test identifies a particular Data Layer Spec. Choose between Page and Event, depending on whether page_type or event_name is present. Verify Tests check one of these data points in order to identify the Spec they should use. For example, you would select Event if the Test is validating the Data Layer for an event instead of a page view. You might enter "click" if the event is some kind of click on the page.
    • Spec Value (Required): This is the value that the Verify Test looks for when identifying a Data Layer Spec. Enter the value of the Spec. For example, enter "home" if the Test is running on the homepage.
  4. Click Next to to add variables that you want to validate. Select them from the Data Sources drop-down or define a new UDO variable if it does not exist.

    The Verify tool validates UDO variables only. It does not detect JavaScript Variables, Query String Parameters, Cookies, or Meta Data.

  5. Set the Requirement and Expected Value of the variable.
  6. Click Apply.

Adding a Specification to a Verify Test

The only way to link a Spec to a Test in Tealium iQ is by modifying the JSON Test Structure. Therefore we strongly recommend this option for advanced users only.

  1. Navigate to iQ Tag Management > Data Layer and click Verify Data Layer.
  2. Expand the details of your desired Test. Click 'Edit' in the Test Steps section.
  3. Make necessary changes to the JSON structure to include the new Spec.
  4. Save/Publish your profile.