The Verify Data Layer tool is deprecated and no longer supported.

The following is a list of common errors and possible solutions. 

Error What it means Possible Solutions
Navigation : "Failed on selector" Verify could not complete the navigation as it failed to detect the selector Make sure the selector is properly identified.
If the selector is properly identified, try inserting backslashes "\\" between the selector value like “xxx\\.xxx\\.xxx"
UDO: "The UDO could not be found" The UDO could not be detected on the page due to some custom JS code. Make sure the UDO is present on the page. If it's present, but the Verify tool is still not detecting it, there may be some custom JavaScript interfering with it. Make suitable changes to the JS code
Spec: Data Layer Spec could not be found Spec does not exist in your Data Layer Check the UID of the Spec.
Data Source error The Data Source requirement or its value could not be verified. Check the Data Source Requirement to make sure it is properly configured.


Error Saving Spec

This is caused due to lack of Save permission in the Tealium iQ profile. If you don't have this permission, please contact your account administrator.

error saving spec.png