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Hi There,

I have set the YouTube tracking as mentioned in the following URL https://community.tealiumiq.com/t5/iQ-Tag-Management/YouTube-Video-Tracking-Setup-Guide-for-Tealium-... . But I am not able to pass the YouTube values to the Google Analytics, can anyone help me in this how to setup for the Google Analytics.

Few more queries:

1. Is it mandatory to add the following script on the webpage? 

<script type="text/javascript">
var utag_data = {
  video_id : "", // Contains the video ID.
  video_name : "", // Contains the name of the video.
  video_duration : "", // Contains the duration of the video. This value should be in seconds.
  video_offset : "", // Contains the time into a video at which a certain state occurs.
  video_state : "", // Contains the state of the video, e.g. start, play, pause, milestone, end.
  video_player : "", // Contains the name of the video player.
  video_player_version : "", // Contains the version of the video player.
  event_category : "", // GA: event_category
  event_action : "", // GA: event_action
  event_label : "", // GA: event_label
  event_value : "", // GA: event_value
  event_name : "", // Tealium variable to identify unique events eg. social_share, user_login, etc.
  tealium_event : "", // Identifies the unique names of tracked events.
  page_type : "" // Tealium variable to identify page types/templates eg. home, category, search, product, etc.


As for now, I have added only one following script on the website. Please suggest I need to make changes in this or is it ok.

<!-- Loading script asynchronously -->
<script type="text/javascript">



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