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HI Team,

I'm Implementing the 3rd Party Pixel through Tealium for the first time. can you please help me my tag should fire on thankyou page.

Event snippet for Thank you pixel on https://www.xyz.com: Please do not remove.
Place this snippet on pages with events you’re tracking.
Creation date: 06/25/2017
  gtag('event', 'purchase', {
    'allow_custom_scripts': true,
    'value': '[Revenue]',
    'transaction_id': '[OrderID]',
    'quantity': '[Quantity]',
    'u1': '[Product_Id]',
    'u2': '[Product_Revenue]',
    'send_to': 'DC-123456/thank0/thank0+items_sold'
<img src="https://ad.doubleclick.net/ddm/activity/src=123456;type=thank0;cat=thank0;qty=[Quantity];cost=[Reven...]?" width="1" height="1" alt=""/>
<!-- End of event snippet: Please do not remove -->






Who Me Too'd this topic